Manchester Mills Protected by Microban®

Manchester Mills has partnered with Microban adding antimicrobial protection to textiles to inhibit damaging bacteria growth. Keeping textiles cleaner and fresher longer in between washes.

Inhibits Bacteria

Protects against a broad spectrum of bacteria that causes stains, odors, and product degradation.

Stays Cleaner, Longer

Built-in to the textile, Microban antimicrobial protection increases uses before a product needs to be washed.

Odor Reducing

Microban antimicrobial technology works continuously to combat bacteria growth and reduces odor between washes.

Product Categories

Shower Curtains
& Liners
shower curtain microban
Mattress Encasements & Pillow Protectors
mattress encasement
Basic Bedding
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Up Close: Bacterial Effects on Textiles


Introducing Protect360° Shower Curtains with Microban Protection


Mold thrives in wet, humid environments, Shower Curtains & Liners are highly susceptible for bacterial growth.


Protect360° Shower Curtains with Microban inhibit the growth of bacteria. Keeping the shower curtain cleaner and fresher in between washes.

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Disclaimer: Simulation for comparative purposes to substanstiate stain and odor causing antimicrobial activity on the treated article for non-public health uses.

Instill Guest Confidence with Protect360° Mattress Encasements and Pillow Protectors with Microban

For more information on our Protect360° products, please contact us today.

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