Manchester Mills Protected by Microban

Microban protects Manchester Mills textiles

A Cleaner Sleep Experience

Germs eliminated by Microban Germs eliminated by Microban

The Problem
Textiles are susceptible to the growth of damaging, odor-causing bacteria.

The Solution:
Manchester Mills Protected by Microban
Manchester Mills has partnered exclusively with Microban to develop a smarter and cleaner textile solution. Microban antimicrobial technology is integrated at the manufacturing stage, remaining present and active for the useful lifetime of the product. Microban continually disrupts bacterial growth. Once infused into a product, Microban starts to work as soon as bacteria comes into contact with the protected textile.

The Benefits:
--Effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria
--Increases number of uses before a product needs to be laundered
--Reduces odor during use and in between washes