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Our Advantiva® blanket has notched corner patented construction that eliminates excess bulk. In addition to comfort and style, Advantiva offers operational efficiency — saving time and money for our customers.

From our patented Advantiva technology to smart bed linens that automatically adjust to your body temperature while you sleep, we’re committed to weaving the future with soft, innovative textiles that are built to last. Sustainability, say hello to superior comfort and durability.








TemperLoft® hybrid fill is engineered with a blend of natural down and recycled polyester fibers, featuring the loft and comfort of down with the ease of polyester. TemperLoft pillows & comforters improve guest comfort and offer added efficiency and environmental friendliness.


Our patented ReNew™ pillow has a removable inner core, so only its outer shell needs to be laundered. This allows more pillows to be washed at once, saving on operational costs and energy.






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TruCore® is our patent-pending technology that synergises cotton and polyester into a core-spun yarn - offering the comfort and breathability of cotton, with the strength and durability of polyester.

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Phasology™ regulates body temperature by transferring heat faster than passive linens. This creates the ideal sleeping environment and maximizes sleep comfort.  Linens with Phasology boast faster drying times and improved operational efficiency.





Bed Bug Lock

Protect 360

Protect360° bed protection system features a patent pending Triple Bed Bug Lock. This Velcro & zipper combination is entry & escape proof, ensuring the longevity of the mattress.


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