Economy Essentials Classic Cotton

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Item: 9610, Bath Towel, 100% cotton, 24x50, 10.5 lbs/dz, White
Item: 9210, Classic Hand Towel, Cotton Cam Border, 16x27, 2.75 lbs/dz, White
Item: 9410, Bath Towel,?ˇ24x48, 8.0 lbs/dz, White
Item: 009200, Washcloth, 12x12, 0.75 lbs/dz, White
Item: 9910, Bath Mat, 100% cotton, 20x30, 7.0 lbs/dz, White

The Classic Cotton cam border towel is made of 100% cotton and a great value. Developed specifically for commercial use, our most economical towel collection delivers performance and durability.