Santa Clarita

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Item: 0031411, Twin 66x90, 3.7lbs, White
Item: 0031412, Twin 66x90, 3.7lbs, Natural
Item: 0031413, Twin 66x90, 3.7lbs, Blue
Item: 0031414, Full/Double 80x90, 4.5lbs, White
Item: 0031415, Full/Double 80x90, 4.5lbs, Natural
Item: 0031416, Full/Double 80x90, 4.5lbs, Blue
Item: 0031417, Queen 90x90, 5.1lbs, White
Item: 0031418, Queen 90x90, 5.1lbs, Natural
Item: 0031419, Queen 90x90, 5.1lbs, Blue
Item: 0031420, King 108x90, 6.1lbs, White
Item: 0031457, King 108x90, 6.1lbs, Natural
Item: 0031421, King 108x90, 6.1lbs, Blue

The 100% cotton Santa Clarita thermal blanket is soft and practical, with a tight weave that locks in warmth and doesn’t snag. Detailed with a self-hem for durability, this blanket is a practical staple for every guest room.