Signature Square

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Item: 0026742, Washcloth, 12x12, 1.5 lbs/dz, White
Item: 0071497, Washcloth, 12x12, 1.0 lbs/dz, White
Item: 0071505, Washcloth, 12x12, 1.5 lb/dz, White
Item: 0026706, Hand Towel, 16x27, 4.3 lbs/dz, White
Item: 0032101, Hand Towel, 16x25, 2.85 lbs/dz, White
Item: 0026705, Bath Towel, 30x52, 15.4 lbs/dz, White
Item: 0026743, Bath Mat, 22x32, 9.5 lbs/dz, White
Item: 0032103, Bath Mat, 20x29, 6.8 lbs/dz, White

The Signature Square terry ensemble offers guests lighter weight towels and combed, ring spun cotton loops that provide absorbency and softness. The checkerboard dobby border lends a timeless aesthetic. A blended under weave supports longer wear life and reduced processing costs. All hems are lock stitched to prevent unraveling.