Villa di Lusso Verese

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Item: 0029429, King Extra Deep Fitted Sheet, 78x80x15, White
Item: 0029427, Queen Flat Sheet, 94x120, White
Item: 0037744, Queen Flat Sheet, 94x120 FS, White
Item: 0029426, XW Queen Flat Sheet, 100x120 FS, White
Item: 0029425, King Flat Sheet, 114x120 FS, White
Item: 0029424, XW King Flat Sheet, 118x120 FS, White
Item: 0029432, Standard Pillowcase, 21x32 FS, White
Item: 0029430, Queen Extra Deep Fitted Sheet, 60x80x15, White
Item: 0029433, Queen Pillowcase, 21x36 FS, White
Item: 0029434, King Pillowcase, 21x40 FS, White

Verese sheeting is crafted from 100% cotton, 300 thread count extra-long staple yarns, resulting in a beautifully soft and lightweight sleep experience. The ultimate indulgence for your guests, Verese offers a modern, tailored aesthetic that’s perfect for a penthouse suite or lavish spa retreat.